Technology Design

by Artur Abato Janas

leith_selfie  Hi.

I’ve created my portfolio website to share some of the better projects I worked on, and I hope you will find them interesting. Technology has lots of pragmatical uses for solving various problems and that of improving existing solutions. It can be also used in great extent to entertain and bewilder audiences. It can connect or isolate us, but most of the time it will make our lives a little bit easier, insightful, fun, and creative, and this is what I’m striving for in my creative process.
I’ve graduated in 2013 with Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design. Since then I worked as front-end developer for a big data startup, and the Leith Agency, where I predominantly did full stack development and interaction design. In the present I’m going to use apply my skills as UX developer for LogicNow, a cloud based solutions platform.
Alrighty, jump to my portfolio.



Adding to the gallery of projects is this app capturing the mesmerising nature of cat content online. This app, a brainchild of Jim Wolff, designed by Scott Hendo Henderon, and built by myself, allows any amateur online cat enthusiast to tweet random cat gifs that are randomly created by dropping a key word. The user sees the surprise cat gif posted to their Twitter time line post factum. Cats never had it this good before.

Boomcat app is integrating Giphy API, Twitter API and Bitly API to generate and post content.

App’s available at

:: work: backend development with Meteor.js, implementation



Wave is a concept tablet designed especially for kitchen environments. It’s a device that may inspire your next dinner idea, let you connect with fellow cooking enthusiasts, as well as help you in case something goes not accordingly to the plan. The concept is rich in features like synchronised real-time shopping list, cookbook, radio, videos, or shared notes.

The Wave is unique as kitchen device that is only kitchen oriented and should present its user a full spectrum of kitchen related solutions. The tablet is a medium, but the software carries an idea that can be incorporated in modern smart homes and home management systems.

:: work: product design and user experience



Slapp is an idea for alarm clock that let’s the user do a little bit of exercise in the morning, before the alarm is fully deactivated. The tablet would use accelerometer to read the context of its use, ie. if the user has started the exercises yet. During the exercise, a user can have a sneak-peak on their daily agenda when listening to music, or watch BBC News, for example.

:: work: user interface design and user experience

Foodwaste Touchscreen App @ Leith Agency

The Foodwaste app was designed to raise awareness about wasting food. Touch screens were placed in supermarkets, where people could interact with the application. A choice of recipes and informational content (video, tips, etc.) were displayed. A user could select their food from chopping board and drop to the pan in order to get recipes that could be sent to their email address.

:: work: built of the application using HTML and JavaScript, jQuery


Investigating Alternative Forms of Interaction using the Medium of Digital Storytelling (Honours Project)

The project consisted of research, application design, translation of media, build, and evaluation. I used EyeWriter, an open source eye-tracking, for navigation. The content has been translated from Alan Moore’s Future Shocks, coloured and animated in After Effects. With the use of ActionScript, the application used eye-tracking data to reveal parts of the story to the user.

The project has been showcased in the Edinburgh Mini Maker’s Faire and the Degree Show.

:: work: design and built: research,  application design and development, technology integration, qualitative evaluation, thesis

Consumed, interactive multimedia installation

Consumed is an interactive audio-visual installation, a responsive sound scultpure. It features objects embodying no longer used technology and everyday waste, which people as urban consumers exploit, digest, and dispose of in a thoughtless fashion. All items are suspended in the air by cables – another prevalent element of the urban realm.

Consumed has been co-created with Mikolaj Szatko and displayed in Inspace gallery in Edinburgh.

:: work: technical, Arduino and Max/MSP/Jitter
consumed_documentation | planning&installation


Keybox Interactive

A webpage created as an exercise in the use of web technologies with Bootstrap responsive layouts. Page design is unique including the iconography, has scrollspy and parallax backgrounds.

:: work: technical&design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap